COVID-19 self-test dashboard

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A global view of publicly available data on COVID-19 self-tests currently under development or commercially available.

This dashboard provides a country listing of diagnostic products that have received approval or authorization for emergency use by the relevant national regulatory authority for self or home testing for COVID-19. Users can select a country from the menu to review the listing of up to date COVID-19 self-tests approved or authorized for emergency use in that country. Further information on manufacturer, sample type, and alignment with WHO TPP performance criteria is provided for user review.

COVID-19 self-test dashboard
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About this tool:

  • The center table lists self-test names, manufactures, sample type, and performance against WHO TPP, and enables filtering by country availability (based on public regulatory information) and key specifications.
  • The map depicts details on manufacturers, geographies, and regulatory approvals for self-tests
  • The lower table notes the sample types utilized for self-tests.

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Assumptions: Only approvals or authorizations that are publicly available on regulatory authority websites are included. Dataset includes country-specific regulatory approvals and authorization for select countries. Due to differing policies and an evolving regulatory environment as the pandemic continues, some approved tests may seem duplicative or missing. For example, some regulatory bodies require antigen self-tests and professional-use only tests to be labeled separately and receive approval as two different products, while other agencies may authorize a single antigen test for both self/home and professional-use. For the purposes of this dashboard, we have separated self/home use and professional-use only tests into separate entries, to ensure we do not misrepresent any tests as authorized for self/home use in a country where it is only authorized for professional-use. Additionally, some agencies require distribution companies to each obtain their own authorization for a single imported product, even it comes from the same manufacturer, which may result in the same product being labeled differently based on its distributor. For the purposes of this dashboard, we attempted to list products according to their final manufacturer and not distributor, however, if you find any errors and would like to request a correction, please complete this form.