Mission and strategy

Our mission

Our mission is to advance health equity through innovation and partnerships.

Our strategy

Our five-year strategy, launched in 2021, is designed to respond to the current crises we face as a global community and to the needs and priorities of our local partners and ministries of health in low- and middle-income countries.

Along the way, we will transform PATH into an even better agent of change within the global health sector.

PATH Strategy 2025

Forward: Our commitment to public health transformation

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Our values

These six values are essential to achieving our mission. We hold ourselves accountable to these values because they guide our behavior, decisions, and actions toward a future where good health is within reach for everyone.

  1. Respect. We treat everyone with dignity, compassion, and appreciation.
  2. Equity. We strive to eliminate the obstacles created by our conscious and unconscious biases and prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion in everything we do.
  3. Integrity. We do the right thing even when it is difficult.
  4. Impact. We prioritize solutions to the most significant health issues in the communities of greatest need.
  5. Innovation. We test new ideas, challenge the status quo, and apply what we learn.
  6. Collaboration. We partner across teams, sectors, and borders.

Our manifesto

A path is a way forward.
This is the way we look at things. Forward.
Because not everyone gets a chance at progress.
To grow. To be healthy. To have a voice. To live a full life.
This inequality is in front of us.
And we can look away or we can look ahead.
We know that when people are healthy, all of humanity moves forward.
Better health means stronger countries. Growing markets. Shifting economies.
Social progress.
It turns problems into plans.
Research into innovation.
And saves more lives in fewer lifetimes.
This is what we do at PATH.
We’re thoughtful. We’re passionate. We’re committed.
And we’re pursuing healthy progress for all.