Product development and access

From vaccines and diagnostics to medical devices and digital tools, PATH develops and scales up health products that address local priorities and improve access.

Meeting local needs

For more than 45 years, PATH has partnered with governments, technology companies, pharmaceutical companies, and communities to develop high-impact health products. Our scientists, engineers, and innovators create those products with and for the people who will use them to address locally defined and prioritized health challenges. PATH’s human-centered design experts partner directly with local community members, health workers, and health leaders to understand their challenges and co-create solutions.

Scaling access to products

Fit-for-purpose health products only work if the people who need them can access them. That’s why PATH economists, policy experts, and advocates partner with local governments to create efficient markets and regulatory systems for delivering these innovations. We also partner with funders and the private sector to mobilize resources for procuring lifesaving products and to create incentives for appropriate product pricing.

PATH's work on product development and access

We create affordable, demand-driven, fit-for-purpose medical devices and health technologies that meet local needs and price points.


We create affordable, portable, easy-to-use diagnostic tools and technologies that get results fast—so patients can get the right treatment at the right time, every time.


We advance vaccines through every stage of development and create technologies and strategies to help countries deliver them.

Market shaping

We assess supply and demand for health products and build markets that address the five A’s: affordability, availability, assured quality, appropriate design, and awareness.