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Requests for Proposals

RFP 2022-041 | Selection of an Agency for Conducting Human Cantered Design Study on Behavioural Levers for COVID-19 Self-testing and Integrated Screening for COVID-19 and Tuberculosis in Maharashtra and Mizoram, India

With support from UNITAID, PATH aims to strengthen current diagnostic pathways in COVID-19 by demonstrating use case scenarios for professional Antigen – Rapid Diagnostic Tests (Ag-RDTs) COVID-19 self-testing kits, other innovative diagnostic methods, laboratory management information systems and integrated screening for COVID-19, TB and other respiratory infections in the states of Maharashtra and Mizoram. PATH invites proposals from reputed agencies registered and authorized to work in India for Conducting Human Centered Design Study on Behavioral Levers for COVID-19 Self-testing and Integrated Screening for COVID-19 and Tuberculosis.

Proposals due: August 30 by 18:00 IST

Download RFP 2022-041 (294 KB .doc)

Request for Proposals 2022-038 | Support for Evaluation of Peer Supervision Model for CHVs in Madagascar

PATH seeks expressions of interest from interested institutions to co-lead on the design and implementation, and dissemination of findings for an evaluation of a new peer supervision model for community health volunteers (CHVs) in Madagascar. This study has an overarching aim of documenting how the model works, what aspects of the model work well or do not work well and why, and areas for further refinement/improvement of the model. The information generated from the evaluation will inform how the model should be scaled-up in Madagascar and provide learnings for improving CHW supervision more broadly.

Proposals due August 31, 2022

Download RFP 2022-038 (889 KB PDF)

Our principles

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We endeavor to perform all procurement activities in a manner that will build or maintain good donor and business relations while furthering the mission of our organization. We maintain a standard of conduct that complies with US government procurement integrity regulations, anti-terrorism regulations, and Equal Employment Opportunity legislation.