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Current Requests For Proposals

Request for Proposal #2021-048 | Selection of agency for e-training project

Under the PATH Respiratory Care Management (RCM) project, we have been focused on providing technical assistance to fast track the operationalization of Oxygen Generation or Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) plants across the country; deploying Oxygen Concentrators, and providing capacity-building support to the States on the operation and maintenance of technologies such as PSA Plants, Oxygen Concentrators and liquid medical oxygen; rational and hygienic use of oxygen, and overall management of oxygen in the ecosystem. Capacity-building measures for users across the O2 handling and management supply chain has been identified as one of the major intervention areas to ensure sustainability of the overall O2 ecosystem. To support this aspect, an e-Training project has been envisaged to rollout capacity-building and learning programs for users through an e-Training cum Learning Management System (LMS). Therefore, PATH is looking to engage with an agency who can develop the e-Training modules as per SoW given in the RFP.

Download RFP 2021-048 (66KB .docx)

Request for Quotations #2021-042, 2021-043, 2021-044, 2021-045 | Strengthening non-governmental healthcare facilities in Bihar for COVID-19 treatment and care

PATH India is implementing a Project “Improving Access to Medical Oxygen in Charitable Healthcare Facilities in Bihar.” The purpose of the Project is to strengthen non-governmental healthcare facilities in Bihar for COVID-19 treatment and care. The Project aims to improve reliable access to medical oxygen and strengthen respiratory care system in the long-term for pandemic preparedness in charitable healthcare facilities across Bihar.

PATH is releasing four separate RFQs with each one containing a unique schedule of items (medical equipment/furniture). Bidders are invited to submit proposals for any or all RFQs and for any or all the schedules of items specified within each RFQ.

Download RFQ 2021-042, Package A

Download RFQ 2021-043, Package B

Download RFQ 2021-044, Package C

Download RFQ 2021-045, Package D

Request for Proposal #2021-031 | A Regional Workshop on Contraceptive Self-Injection

The Access Collaborative is planning to host a 2-day workshop during one of the following weeks February 14th, March 7th, or March 14th, from approximately 8AM ET to 1PM ET (5 hours) each day. Exact workshop session times are to be determined, but they will be scheduled to accommodate a global audience. This virtual convening aims to spotlight self-injection with DMPA-SC in order to catalyze discussion and learning, not only for this contraceptive option, but for broader family planning and self-care initiatives. The workshop is intended for family planning program managers and individuals actively involved in self-injection introduction and scale-up. Invitations will be extended to individuals in over 40 countries. We expect to have simultaneous English and French interpretation and the meeting will operate fully in two languages.

PATH would like to hire an organization to assist in the planning and logistical organization of the virtual workshop. Key components will include user-centered design support to ensure interactive presentation, logistical, operational, and administrative support.

Download RFP 2020-031 (46.4 KB .docx)

All requests for proposals adhere to our principles for procurement operations:

PATH subscribes to principles of simplicity and economy in procurement operations. We strive to obtain goods and services of the requisite type and quality within the time prescribed and at the lowest practical cost. We conduct purchasing activities in a manner that provides open and free competition to the maximum extent practical. We provide equal opportunity to participate to small and disadvantaged businesses, minority-owned firms, and women’s business enterprises. For information on registering as a small business, please see the US Small Business Administration’s contracting guide.

We endeavor to perform all procurement activities in a manner that will build or maintain good donor and business relations while furthering the mission of our organization. We maintain a standard of conduct that complies with US government procurement integrity regulations, anti-terrorism regulations, and Equal Employment Opportunity legislation.