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PATH is increasing access to health care so no one is left behind | February 2024

This month, we’re celebrating the novel oral polio vaccine type 2 (nOPV2), which recently achieved World Health Organization prequalification. nOPV2 is already protecting millions of children from polio while reducing the risk of vaccine-derived outbreaks. We’re also taking a close look at the critical role human milk banks play in growth and development for newborns. Finally, PATH’s President and CEO shares four ways the global health sector can reach its full potential in 2024.

PATH is increasing access to health care so no one is left behind | January 2024

This month, we’re highlighting some of the people who power PATH’s progress around the world. Keep reading to learn about Beatrice Oyugi, who advanced early childhood development programs in Kenya; Evalyn Augi, a mentor spearheading HIV prevention in Western Kenya; and the thousands of community health workers implementing malaria elimination efforts in Zambia.