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  1. The World Health Organization granted prequalification to the novel oral polio vaccine type 2 (nOPV2), an innovative vaccine developed by a consortium of experts including PATH.
    Published: January 2024
  2. PATH has again been named to Forbes’ annual list of the largest charities in the United States, based solely on private contributions. PATH scored 99 percent in fundraising efficiency and 89 percent in charitable commitment.
    Published: December 2023
  3. PATH President and CEO Nikolaj Gilbert outlines the four global health paradigm shifts that are needed to achieve universal health coverage.
    Published: November 2023
  4. Writing in The Lancet, PATH's Dykki Settle, Henry Mwanyika, and co-authors identify three investment areas that could transform primary health care.
    Published: November 2023

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949 Item s
949 Item s
  1. The creator and first director of PATH MACEPA leaves an indelible mark on PATH and the malaria community.
    Published: February 2024
  2. Published: February 2024
    Press Release
  3. Published: February 2024
    Press Release
  4. Published: February 2024
  5. The NDV-HXP-S COVID-19 vaccine produced by Thailand’s Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO) has the potential to be an affordable option that advances vaccine supply sustainability and pandemic preparedness.
    Published: January 2024