UHC by 2030

Universal health coverage (UHC) is for everyone. Realizing the vision of “health for all” will require a historic effort spanning sectors and borders. Everyone has a role to play—we're proud to do our part.

For 45 years, PATH has been transforming the way the world thinks about health and development.

In close partnership with governments and other stakeholders, we've revolutionized health information systems, strengthened and lengthened supply chains, and equipped health workers with the tools and approaches required to deliver robust, people-centered, primary health care.

Now, we are leveraging our unique position as the global health sector's trusted partner and neutral expert to advance four big paradigm shifts in the design and delivery of health care to accelerate local and global progress toward UHC.

Demand-driven innovations

Devices, medicines, and service delivery approaches designed by and for the people who use them improve outcomes, extend health care delivery, and strengthen local technical capacities.

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Secure digital health systems

Digital technologies and systems strengthen disease surveillance, enhance health system resilience, and improve the safety, quality, and accessibility of health information and services.

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Sustainable financing

Holistically and sustainably funded health services that work together to support community health improve access for everyone and ensure continuity of care—even during emergencies.

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Local manufacturing

Strong markets, regulatory systems, and supply chains ensure people—and the health systems that support them—have equitable, uninterrupted access to critical health commodities.

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Collaborative solutions: A key to advancing universal health coverage

“A series of global health paradigm shifts are needed if we are to achieve universal health coverage — based on robust partnerships.”

PATH President and CEO, Nikolaj Gilbert, outlines the four essential shifts required to achieve UHC in this insightful opinion piece for Devex.

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