Health systems strengthening

From policy advocacy and financing to technical assistance and workforce training, PATH partners with governments and local NGOs to enhance health systems’ capacity and resilience.

Evidence-driven and equitable

PATH partners with countries to develop and introduce digital tools, equitable programs, and human-centered solutions. PATH’s digital transformation work supports governments as they strengthen systems for collecting, using, and sharing data. PATH’s equity benchmarks enable our staff and partners to assess proposals and projects against a range of equity indicators. And our human-centered design expertise ensures communities play a central role in developing new approaches or solutions.

Financing strong systems

Building strong health systems is not possible without flexible and sustainable financing. Traditional, siloed, public health financing is simply insufficient for strengthening primary health care and realizing systems-level change. PATH’s policy experts and advocates work around the world to increase funding for primary health care and health systems strengthening, and encourage better, more effective financing for building stronger health systems.

PATH's work on product development and access
Advocacy and policy

We secure the support of policymakers, advocates, influencers, and citizens to commit the necessary resources and enact policies that bring health solutions to scale.

Digital and data transformation

We help countries develop and deploy digital technologies and make better use of better data—so every health worker is equipped with the information and resources they need.

Equity in health programming

We support the creation and evaluation of equitable health programs that advance locally defined priorities, foster respectful partnerships, and lead to sustainable impact. 

Human-centered design

We use human-centered design (HCD) to ensure that innovative medical technologies, tools, and approaches are appropriate, sustainable, and reflective of local priorities. 

Epidemic preparedness and response

We help countries build strong health systems with the laboratories, clinics, and well-trained staff required to prevent, detect, and respond to disease outbreaks.