Health and disease management

PATH advances people-centered primary health care to make good health more accessible for everyone—especially those living with (or at risk of) infectious or noncommunicable diseases.

Advancing people-centered care

People access health care throughout their life, for a continuum of services that prevent, diagnose, and treat a range of diseases and health needs. PATH partners with governments and communities to reimagine health systems with patients at the center. That means developing health care solutions and approaches that meet community-specific needs, make it easier for people to access care, and ensure people can receive preventative health care. 

Integrating health care

Distinct, issue-specific health care providers often make seeking care more challenging. PATH partners with governments and communities to advance integrated service solutions using human-centered design and community-led decision-making. With comprehensive, centralized, and integrated health care solutions, more people are able to access the care they need, whether it is for sexual and reproductive health, infectious diseases, or noncommunicable diseases.

PATH's work on product development and access
Maternal, newborn, and child health

We equip caregivers with best practices and create and advance easy-to-use technologies to prevent deadly complications in labor and delivery.

Noncommunicable diseases

We evaluate new screening tools and methods, advance promising interventions, and increase access to the diagnosis and treatment of noncommunicable diseases.

Primary health care

We work with countries to reimagine primary health care through a people-centered, data-driven approach that makes good health accessible for everyone. 

Sexual and reproductive health

We develop and advance woman-centered contraceptive technologies and increase access to affordable, high-quality reproductive health supplies.

Infectious diseases

We work hand-in-hand with governments and partners to effectively and sustainably treat infectious diseases, particularly in countries with high burdens.