About PATH Market Dynamics

PATH's Market Dynamics program develops and strengthens markets so that health products and services are available and accessible to all those who need them—at an affordable cost and of assured quality and appropriate design.

Billions of people have limited access to affordable and quality essential health products and services despite major technological progress. An efficient market is essential for delivering health innovations to everyone who needs them. It is often the case, however, that markets fail those who are marginalized, poor, affected by emergencies, or living in extremely difficult circumstances.

At PATH's Market Dynamics program, we develop and strengthen markets by combining our systematic approach and capabilities with PATH’s broad expertise in developing and scaling up innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing health challenges.

Our approach includes diagnosing root causes of market failures, designing appropriate solutions with partners, and developing sustainable and inclusive health markets. Our capabilities span market analytics, modeling, strategy creation, product introduction planning, regulatory analysis, advocacy and stakeholder engagement, and support for policy change. With our work, we help address the leading causes of mortality and morbidity - from epidemic preparedness and malaria to maternal and newborn health, pneumonia and respiratory care, and more. We are a team of more than 50 staff and over 50 global partners, working across 24 countries and 18 projects.

Three main goals are at the core of what we do:

Expanding market access for health products and services

We increase access to existing and new health products and related services by identifying key barriers, designing collaborative solutions, and advancing strong, sustainable, and inclusive markets.

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Creating solutions that strengthen markets

We strengthen local capacity to improve market access by supporting country partners in designing and implementing data-driven market solutions.

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Shaping health agendas for inclusive markets

We provide market dynamics thought leadership to impact global, regional, and local health agendas by generating and sharing evidence, coordinating stakeholders, and contributing to initiatives and platforms that help shape inclusive markets.

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Market Dynamics leadership

  1. Ray Cummings

    Director, Market Dynamics

  2. Claudia Harner-Jay

    Deputy Director, Market Dynamics

  3. Bhavya Gowda

    Deputy Director, Living Labs Initiative

  4. Tara Herrick

    Senior Market Dynamics Officer

  5. Helen Kamau

    Market Dynamics Officer

  6. Nick Luter

    Senior Market Dynamics Officer

  7. Andolo Miheso

    TIMCI Project Lead, Kenya

  8. Elena Pantjushenko

    Advocacy and Communications Manager

  9. Michael Ruffo

    Director, Tools for Integrated Management and Childhood Illness

  10. Lisa Smith

    Director, Access to Medical Devices Portfolio

  11. Evan Spark-DePass

    Deputy Director, Access to Medical Devices Portfolio

  12. Rebecca Thomas

    Project Administration Manager

  13. Jos Williams

    Director of Finance and Administration

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