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  1. The first vaccine for malaria received major regulatory approval in 2015. It didn’t become part of vaccination programs in Africa until 2024. PATH's Ashley Birkett speaks about the manufacturing plans that GSK had put in place were derailed.
    Published: July 2024
  2. Neeraj Jain, PATH’s Country Director for India, speaks on the role of technology in revolutionizing health care, improving outcomes, and driving medical research in India.
    Published: June 2024
  3. PATH’s Regional Director for Advocacy and Public Policy discusses her critical work advancing policies that improve primary health care outcomes for women and girls.
    Published: May 2024
  4. In this op-ed, Melanie Saville, PATH’s Chief Scientific Officer, unpacks barriers to global progress and shares five game-changing steps that would make a big difference in the push for health equity.
    Published: May 2024

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957 Item s
957 Item s
  1. PATH, the George Washington University, Kinshasa School of Public Health, and Conception, Etude, Sécurité Alimentaire & Formation announce a partnership to improve routine immunization efforts.
    Published: March 2024
    Press Release
  2. The following is a statement regarding the FY24 budget signed by President Biden.
    Published: March 2024
  3. Published: March 2024
  4. The creator and first director of PATH MACEPA leaves an indelible mark on PATH and the malaria community.
    Published: February 2024
  5. Published: February 2024
    Press Release