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Recent Press Coverage

  1. Coronavirus has highlighted the vital role of the ‘eyes and ears of healthcare’
    Published: October 2020
  2. It’s hard to teach an old immune system new tricks—and that could complicate the search for a COVID-19 vaccine.
    Published: July 2020
  3. As the world waits for a vaccine to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic, we look back to all that vaccines have achieved for humanity.
    Published: July 2020
  4. While we have never faced a challenge exactly like this, we know from decades of experience in vaccine development that a number of factors are critical to success.
    Published: May 2020

PATH Newsroom

825 Items
825 Items
825 Items
  1. Published: January 2021
    Type: Press Release
  2. Complementing national COVID-19 surveillance efforts in countries with limited diagnostic capacity to test and trace with expanded data from the environmental surveillance of sewage
    Published: January 2021
    Type: Press Release
  3. Published: January 2021
    Type: Press Release
  4. A new cooperative agreement will accelerate malaria burden reduction and elimination goals in Zambia.
    Published: December 2020
    Type: Press Release
  5. Insights into the extent of disruptions highlights the need for continuity planning to mitigate future potential disruptions
    Published: November 2020
    Type: Press Release
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