Dipika Matthias

Dipika Matthias

Global Program Director, Product and Market Advancement Program

Dipika Matthias is the Global Program Director for the Product and Market Advancement Program at PATH. She oversees program quality to strengthen health systems through sustainable access to medical devices and technologies. She drives the overall program strategy to advance product, market, and systems innovations and major collaborations with internal and external partners. She leads a global team with interdisciplinary expertise from labs to markets.

Ms. Matthias has 20+ years of experience in developing, commercializing, and scaling health technologies for humanitarian impact. She is an expert in building public-private partnerships and multisectoral alliances and has an integrated perspective from her leadership roles across sectors. She previously served as a deputy director at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, where she led a complex portfolio of investments and multi-stakeholder partnerships focused on product innovations to enhance the effectiveness of nutrition programs.

Prior to this role, Ms. Matthias spent over a decade at PATH where, among several leadership roles, she led a global project to develop, generate evidence, and integrate fortified rice into the diets of micronutrient-deficient populations. This project is now being scaled up across India and elsewhere and is reaching millions of consumers globally. Earlier in her career, she led commercialization for a range of vaccine and immunization delivery technologies at PATH, directed a business analytics group at a subsidiary of Merck, and worked at the World Bank. She was also an executive of a social enterprise start-up in the coffee value chain.

Ms. Matthias received her Master of Business Administration from Yale School of Management and her Bachelor of Science in Management Engineering (electrical engineering concentration) from the University of Vermont. She also serves on the Board of Advisors for the Engineering Innovation in Health program at the University of Washington and at Halo Life Science. She has many publications related to global health innovations and markets.