Ben Aliwa

Chief Business and Finance Officer

Ben Aliwa is PATH's Chief Business and Finance Officer. He served as Director of Global Risk and Compliance for PATH until December 2022. With a B.S. and MBA in International Business, he brings over 18 years of leadership experience in international development with a focus on health and nutrition, human rights, education, humanitarian response, peacebuilding, and sustainable livelihoods in East and Southern Africa and Europe.

Previously, Ben served as PATH's Director of the East Africa Hub and Kenya Country Program. Before joining PATH, Ben's work spanned a diversity of regions and programmatic and operational dimensions, acting in a variety of capacities with Save the Children International, including as Director for the Regional and Multi-Country Program Unit; working as a specialist in operational risk in Geneva with the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria; serving in several leadership positions with Skillshare International UK, including as Program Director for Africa Projects and Global Partner Resourcing Director; functioning as a grant specialist consultant with UNDP in New York; and advancing the work of UNICEF as a Program Manager in Botswana.

Ben currently sits on several NGO boards and serves as an advisor with Mahiti, an organization that enables Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to transition to secure cloud-based solutions; gather, analyze and visualize big-data; and apply technology to monitor programs and enhance efficiency and reach.