Abayomi (‘Yomi’) Sule, MBBS, MBA

Founder and Managing Director, Tillit MSME Microservices / Nigeria

Abayomi (‘Yomi) Sule, MBBS, MBA, is a social entrepreneur, healthcare thought leader, and management specialist with a background in medicine. He is a hands-on practitioner who understands the opportunities and challenges associated with emerging market healthcare and social innovation leadership, management and coordination.

Dr. Sule is the founder and managing director of Tillit MSME Microservices, which provides advisory and management services to public and private healthcare organizations across East and West Africa, to maximize the value and outcomes of their social, impact, and commercial investments in healthcare and social services.

He has extensive experience in healthcare management and consulting at senior executive levels, leading teams in co-developing and providing quality affordable healthcare services to mass markets, especially underserved communities. Dr. Sule's work has involved bringing for-profit and non-for-profit organizations together through private and public-private partnerships to create integrated care ecosystems. He is passionate about using data and breakthrough innovations in healthcare in emerging markets to improve the transparency and performance of local health markets.

Dr. Sule consults for and advises a wide range of local and international organizations, including the World Bank, CarePay international, Leapfrog investments, Palladium International, Abt. Associates, PharmAccess Foundation, Medical Credit Fund, Pathfinder International, ICD Healthcare, HMA Consultancy, and others.

An alumnus of University of Ilorin (MBBS) and Lagos Business School (MBA), Dr. Sule has also attended the Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies (Stanford SEED) affiliated with Stanford University, and the Global Social Benefit Institute at Santa Clara University.

Dr. Sule is a member of the Audit and Risk Committee.

Appointed to the board: June 2019