Shaping health agendas for inclusive markets

Related program: Market dynamics

We provide market dynamics thought leadership to impact global, regional, and local health agendas by generating and sharing evidence, coordinating stakeholders, and contributing to initiatives and platforms that help shape inclusive markets.

Expanding stakeholder coordination

As part of COVID-19 response coordination for a respiratory care initiative, PATH engaged over 1,600 stakeholders on oxygen ecosystem advocacy.

PATH facilitates a consortium of donors whose mandate is to provide strategic input and direction toward building and maintaining a healthy market for DMPA-SC, an all-in-one contraceptive that puts women in charge of their reproductive health.

For the Accelerating Access to Oxygen (A2O2) Conference, we brought together health officials from nine countries, industry representatives, and other global health partners. We also facilitated a dialogue on challenges to accessing reliable medical oxygen and pulse oximetry; and created solutions for improving the efficiency of information sharing and stakeholder coordination.

Strengthening supply chain management

PATH provided technical assistance to the Global Fund to procure over $170 million of oxygen production plants as part of their COVID-19 Response Mechanism. With support from Unitaid, we procured and distributed nearly $5 million worth of respiratory care products in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Malawi, Senegal, and Zambia via the Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator (ACT-A) partnership.

Quantifying supply gaps and generating risk mitigation strategies

To quantify the availability of vaccine syringes for use in COVID-19 vaccine rollout and routine immunization, PATH engaged syringe manufacturers and other key stakeholders. Together, we compared different scenarios of supply results to syringe demand, quantified the magnitude of possible syringe shortages, and created risk mitigation strategies to ensure access.

Creating tools to inform policies, mobilize resources, and advocate for actions

PATH created the COVID-19 Oxygen Needs tracker as a critical advocacy tool to raise awareness on the need for greater access to oxygen.

The Oxygen Delivery Toolkit is a set of ten resources that PATH created to help plan, manage, and communicate the value of scaling up oxygen delivery systems and access to oxygen and pulse oximetry.