PATH Program

Digital Health and Data

Accelerating the digital transformation of health systems and supporting the use of data–led action for health equity.

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What we do

PATH recognizes that digitally enabled health care and timely data use can positively change the very nature of health care and health systems, and therefore speed progress toward health equity. Rather than focusing on deploying technology alone, PATH takes a systematic approach to digital transformation. To move health care into the digital age, PATH supports countries as they move away from fragmented digital health tools toward informed and empowered digital leadership, the implementation of global digital health standards, and an interoperable, human–centered, and financially sustainable digital ecosystem.

We work across several cross–cutting areas including diagnostics, epidemic and pandemic preparedness, primary healthcare, immunization, health system strengthening, market dynamics, and several disease areas such as malaria, HIV, COVID-19, and NCDs.

Focus areas

  1. Global/Regional

    Stakeholder convening

    Thought leadership

    Capacity strengthening

    Digital health policy, governance, and compliance

    Learning network design and guidance

    Policy advocacy

    Secretariat services

  2. National

    Digital assessment

    Packaged solutions

    Capacity strengthening

    Digital health policy, governance, and compliance

    Data improvement

    Enterprise and data architecture

    Technical guidance and vendor management


  3. Sub–national

    System analysis and process



    Requirements development

    Capacity strengthening

    Data improvement

Our work in numbers
Global staff
Countries we work in

Where we work

We have active digital and data projects in more than 30 countries, including:

1. Africa: Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia, South Africa, Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, DRC, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Angola, Benin, Cambodia, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Myanmar, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda.

2. Asia-Pacific: Thailand, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Vietnam.

  1. Laurie Werner

    Director, Center of Digital And Data Excellence

  2. Dykki Settle

    Chief Digital Officer, Center of Digital and Data Excellence

  3. Henry Mwanyika

    Regional Director, Center of Digital and Excellence

  4. Leah Ekbladh

    Director of Strategy, Center of Digital and Data Excellence

  5. Bilal Mateen

    Executive Director Digital Square, Center of Digital and Data Excellence

  6. Samuel Wambugu

    Project Director, Center of Digital and Data Excellence

  7. Ellen Garrett

    Director of Finance and Administration, Center of Digital and Data Excellence

  8. Brian Taliesin

    Global Director, Living Labs, Center of Digital and Data Excellence

  9. Tara Newton

    Engagement Manager, Center of Digital and Data Excellence

  10. Sameer Kanwar

    Director, Digital Health

  11. Fatou Fall

    Director of West and Central Africa

  12. Jackie Clark

    Deputy Director, Business Planning

  13. Gracey Vaughn

    Deputy Director, Global Implementation

  14. Carl Fourie

    Deputy Director, Digital Square

  15. Sevak Amalyan

    Deputy Director of Operations

  16. Lauren Wall

    Deputy Director, Capacity Strengthening

  17. Hassan Mtenga

    Director, East and Southern Africa

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