About PATH Digital Health and Data

Partnering with countries and communities to achieve health equity through digital and data transformation.

Digital technologies have changed many aspects of our lives—how we share information, how we connect to each other, and how we access goods and services. The health sector is no different. Digital health tools are a critical part of the work to optimize and strengthen national health systems to achieve better health outcomes for more people, but for these to be sustainable and effective, digital tools must be implemented with a holistic, country–led, context–specific approach.

PATH takes a systematic approach to digital transformation and data use. This approach focuses on supporting countries to develop digital health leadership, governance, strategy, investment, and systems architecture— moving from fragmented digital tools to a harmonized health information system and finally to digitally–enabled health care.

We advance digital transformation and expand data quality and use by addressing three central themes: committed leadership, capacity and systems, and transformative investments.

  • Committed leadership: Partnering with countries and communities to strengthen the political buy–in, ownership, and governance needed to accelerate responsible and sustainable digital and data transformation.
  • Capacity and systems: Supporting global and country leaders to strengthen staff capacity to leverage digital and data tools while defining and building the resilient systems of tomorrow.
  • Transformative investment: Catalyzing the next big push in financing and market shaping to secure, sustain, and scale digital transformation for the betterment of all.

PATH is accelerating equity and trust within digital health systems through globally recognized ethical and safe policies, guidance, and standards. Our focus on data and digital initiatives gives us an opportunity to improve both access to healthcare and the quality of healthcare delivery, to accelerate progress towards health equity, universal health coverage, and the sustainable development goals.