Global availability of COVID-19 diagnostic tests

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A global view of publicly available data on COVID-19 diagnostic products currently under development or commercially available.

Global availability of COVID-19 diagnostic tests
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  • The map depicts the number of products developed or commercialized by country of manufacture.
  • The heat map table shows the number of products being supplied by a particular region compared to where those products are being registered.
  • Regulatory approvals are currently inclusive of Emergency Use Authorizations and CE-IVD. SRA or Stringent Regulatory Approvals currently include US FDA, Canada (Health Canada) Japan (PMDA), and WHO EUL. The pipeline may not represent a comprehensive landscape of all diagnostic tests.

Assumptions: All data represents publicly available information. The location of the diagnostic manufacturer is currently assumed to be the manufacturing headquarters, not necessarily where the COVID-19 diagnostic product is being manufactured. The diagnostic platform is based on the product IFU.

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