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About PATH Diagnostics

We advance innovative diagnostic tools, partner with users to design and deploy them, and build systems to sustain them.

The first step to overcoming a disease or health problem is detecting it. But in many parts of the world, health programs lack the diagnostic tools they need. Often, the technologies are not suitable for use in low-resource areas. Health workers lack diagnostic training, while supplies and quality assurance systems to ensure test results are accurate are missing. Compounding these factors, the regulatory environments and guidelines necessary to promote adoption and integration into the health system are often poor.

PATH ensures that innovative diagnostics are available, accessible, and adoptable. We design and test new tools in the lab and the field. We help countries integrate diagnostics into markets and health systems. We create quality assurance programs to support their use. And we advocate for policies that make new diagnostic technologies sustainable around the world.

We develop robust, easy-to-use, and accurate diagnostic tools that are the right fit for the user and the setting. Today, we have many promising diagnostic tools in the pipeline—innovative and low-cost diagnostics for malaria, neglected tropical diseases, nutrition status, and other conditions. Some are new takes on established technologies like the home pregnancy test. Others are novel platforms that can test for many conditions with a single drop of blood. But for these diagnostics to have a big impact, they need to make it into the hands of users. We work with partners to ensure that diagnostic tools are deployed as part of an integrated and effective health system to guide patient care and public health programs.

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