An e-newsletter about our work in vaccine development.

Moving the Needle provides updates from PATH’s Center for Vaccine Innovation and Access (CVIA) on our vaccine development efforts, as well as related supporting work, such as developing human challenge models, building capacity of developing-country vaccine manufacturers, and evaluating new adjuvants and other novel vaccine technologies. It includes updates on our progress, partnerships, and specific activities.

This is one of two newsletters published by CVIA. To learn more about CVIA’s vaccine uptake and access work, see Immunization Matters.

Recent issues

September 2018

  • A new look for our newsletter
  • Combining different types of malaria vaccines may improve efficacy
  • Strong CVIA presence at International Rotavirus Symposium
  • Q & A with Bruce Innis
  • Clinical updates
  • Resources and opportunities

May 2018

  • PATH co-sponsors premier international pneumococcal conference
  • Expert insights shared at the 7th MIM Pan African Conference
  • Workshop co-hosted by PATH reviews ETEC assays and reagents
  • Addressing vaccine development challenges and opportunities
  • Q & A with Francesco Berlanda Scorza
  • Resources and opportunities

January 2018

  • New vaccine products achieve World Health Organization prequalification
  • Strengthening vaccines for the polio endgame era
  • Collaboration reveals a structural clue to attacking malaria’s “Achilles heel”
  • Register for the 2018 VASE Conference!
  • Q & A with Nancy Hosken
  • Clinical updates
  • Resources and opportunities

October 2017

  • CVIA strengthens maternal immunization work
  • New rotavirus vaccine demonstrates significant efficacy
  • Strong CVIA presence at global enteric vaccines meetings
  • Q & A with Rahnuma Wahid
  • Clinical updates
  • Resources and opportunities

July 2017

  • Affordable pneumococcal vaccine candidate enters late-stage development
  • New partnership conducts first-in-human test of novel malaria vaccine approach
  • 2018 VASE Conference welcomes workshop ideas
  • PATH receives 2017 Upshot Award in Global Prevention
  • Q & A with Alan Fix
  • Clinical updates
  • Resources and opportunities

April 2017

  • New partnership to advance non-replicating rotavirus vaccine development
  • Promising new study results for rotavirus vaccine candidate
  • Spotlight: CVIA’s regulatory team
  • Q & A with Ulrike Wille-Reece
  • Clinical updates
  • Resources and opportunities

January 2017

  • PATH begins work on Group B Streptococcus vaccine
  • New study will test alternate regimen of malaria vaccine
  • Data visualization tool reveals burden of ETEC and Shigella
  • Q & A with Francine McCutchan
  • Clinical updates
  • Resources and opportunities

October 2016

  • Welcome to our new e-newsletter!
  • New funding to develop a novel monovalent oral polio vaccine
  • Positive Phase 1 results for Vietnam-made seasonal influenza vaccine
  • Alternate dosing regimen of RTS,S/AS01 shows increased efficacy
  • Q&A with Dr. David C. Kaslow
  • Clinical updates
  • Resources and opportunities