Immunization Matters

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An e-newsletter about our work in vaccine uptake and access.

Immunization Matters provides updates from PATH’s Center for Vaccine Innovation and Access (CVIA) on late-stage and licensed vaccines included in our portfolio as well as our work on health economics and optimization, operations research, and support to countries. It includes updates on our progress, partnerships, and specific activities.

This is one of two newsletters published by CVIA. To learn more about CVIA’s vaccine development work, see Moving the Needle.

Recent issues

March 2024

  • Studying HPV vaccine cost-effectiveness
  • Middle income countries still need immunization support
  • PATH study to explore maternal immunization delivery readiness in Africa
  • Resources and opportunities

November 2023

  • A celebration twenty years in the making: the journey of Japanese encephalitis vaccine introduction and delivery
  • WHO recommends second malaria vaccine for young children
  • Bangladesh takes major step to reduce cervical cancer deaths
  • Operations and health economics research to inform HPV vaccination program planning
  • Conference round up
  • MenFive® receives SAGE endorsement
  • Resources and opportunities

July 2023

  • New multivalent meningococcal vaccine granted WHO prequalification
  • Malawi introduces TCV
  • Pivotal study reaffirms efficacy of single-dose HPV vaccine schedule
  • Kenya's Vihiga County shares lessons on malaria vaccination
  • Doses of first-ever malaria vaccine are allocated to 12 African countries
  • Q & A with Emmanuel Mugisha
  • Resources and opportunities

March 2023

  • WHO approves Serum Institute pneumococcal conjugate vaccine for 2+1 schedule
  • Phased expansion of malaria vaccine begins in more areas in Africa
  • PATH and partners work to maintain high prioritization for Japanese encephalitis prevention and management in Bangladesh
  • CCAE and PATH co-host a policy dialogue on single-dose HPV vaccination
  • Resources and opportunities

November 2022

  • Experts share the evidence and public health impact of single-dose HPV vaccination
  • Understanding new vaccine introduction decision-making in Bangladesh
  • Pakistan completes national TCV introduction
  • Prequalification of malaria vaccine paves the way for increased access
  • Addressing immunization health worker morale using a human-centered design approach
  • Resources and opportunities

July 2022

  • Nepal introduces TCV
  • Framework for the allocation of limited malaria vaccine supply
  • Switching rotavirus vaccines can save countries money, Ghana study confirms
  • Malawi's village volunteers go door-to-door with vaccine messages
  • Q & A with Imran Khan and Lala Rukh
  • Resources and opportunities

April 2022

  • Major milestones supporting single-dose HPV vaccination
  • HPV Vaccine Cost Calculator now available
  • Building on a JE vaccination partnership to fight COVID-19 in Laos
  • PATH support for malaria vaccine decision-making in Nigeria
  • Resources and opportunities

November 2021

  • WHO recommends vaccines for malaria, polio, and HPV
  • A compelling public health value proposition for injectable next-generation rotavirus vaccines
  • Training Ghana pharmacists as vaccinators
  • TCV is safe and shows high efficacy in Africa and Asia
  • Q & A with Nanthalile Mugala
  • Resources and opportunities

July 2021

  • TCV introduced in Liberia and Zimbabwe
  • PATH Live Forum puts COVID-19 immunization equity center stage
  • Improving RTS,S vaccine uptake in Malawi
  • WHO recognizes benefits of low-cost rotavirus vaccines
  • Parting shot
  • Resources and opportunities

March 2021

  • Product transfer agreement signed to help ensure the long-term supply of RTS,S/AS01E malaria vaccine
  • TCV reaches more children
  • The public health impact of single-dose HPV vaccination
  • Q & A with Frédéric Debellut
  • Resources and opportunities

November 2020

  • Vaccine cost calculators to inform immunization decision-making
  • Enhancing immunization leader success
  • Q & A with Hannah Kettler
  • Join us at ASTMH
  • Resources and opportunities

July 2020

  • Serum Institute receives AMC award for pneumococcal vaccine supply
  • Equitable vaccine access during COVID-19 and beyond
  • Expanding research on the cost to deliver HPV vaccines
  • Malaria vaccination moves past milestones
  • Recommitting to addressing health inequities
  • Resources and opportunities

March 2020

  • Will a single dose of HPV vaccine prevent cervical cancer?
  • Interactive tool explores TCV impact and cost-effectiveness
  • Vaccines to defeat meningitis are within reach
  • Leveraging science to combat COVID-19
  • Parting shot
  • Resources and opportunities

November 2019

  • Pakistan introduces typhoid conjugate vaccine
  • Reflecting on 15+ years of edging out Japanese encephalitis
  • Protecting more girls with HPV vaccine
  • Rotavirus vaccines remain cost-effective in Gavi countries
  • Q & A with Bill Hausdorff
  • Parting shot
  • Resources and opportunities

July 2019

  • Solomon Islands launches national HPV vaccination program
  • "Why maternal immunization?" explained
  • Help defeat meningitis
  • Ghana's phased rollout of the first malaria vaccine
  • Parting shot
  • Resources and opportunities

March 2019

  • Consortium releases compilation of published evidence on single-dose HPV vaccination
  • India-made rotavirus vaccines expand global reach
  • Philippines introduces Japanese encephalitis vaccine
  • PATH participates in upcoming typhoid conference
  • Q & A with Laurie Werner
  • Resources and opportunities

November 2018

  • A new look for our newsletter
  • New rotavirus vaccine from India achieves WHO prequalification
  • BID celebrates the transformative power of data and country ownership
  • Maternal immunization gets a head start
  • Integrating advocacy and communications into vaccine introduction—Q & A with Yvette Collymore
  • Parting shot
  • Resources and opportunities

July 2018

  • PATH joins CEPI, vaccine manufacturer, to develop Nipah virus vaccine
  • VASE Conference raises importance of advocating for early-stage vaccine candidates
  • Q & A with Deborah Atherly
  • Activity update
  • Parting shot
  • Resources and opportunities

April 2018

  • WHO recommends typhoid conjugate vaccine
  • PATH celebrates prequalification of low-cost, India-made rotavirus vaccine
  • Vaccine by the numbers: A Q&A with Clint Pecenka
  • Difficult flu season highlights the importance of seasonal vaccine production
  • Parting shot
  • Resources and opportunities

December 2017

  • Keeping up the momentum on typhoid
  • New measles-rubella vaccine achieves licensure in India
  • New DefeatDD state-of-the-field report highlights progress and opportunities
  • Activity update
  • Parting shot
  • Resources and opportunities

September 2017

  • CVIA receives investment from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • New collaboration to advance maternal immunization
  • Synthesizing evidence on HPV vaccination schedules
  • Using data to close the immunization gap
  • Activity update
  • Parting shot
  • Resources and opportunities

June 2017

  • New global effort to take on typhoid launches in Kampala
  • Ghana, Kenya, and Malawi to implement the RTS,S malaria vaccine in WHO-led program
  • Building health economics capacity among immunization decision-makers in Eastern Europe
  • Q & A – HPV vaccines and preventing cervical cancer
  • Immunization shot
  • Resources and opportunities

March 2017

  • Rotavirus vaccine introductions: Progress in Asia and impact in Africa
  • Addis Declaration on Immunization endorsed by African Heads of State
  • PATH country director receives Presidential Award
  • Vaccine journal publishes special addition on immunization supply chains
  • Activity updates
  • Resources and opportunities

December 2016

  • Introducing our e-newsletter highlighting “Immunization Matters”
  • Malaria vaccine candidate moves toward pilot implementation
  • Unprecedented progress in advancing Japanese encephalitis vaccines
  • Commentary: Continuing PATH’s fight against rotavirus from development to delivery
  • Reaching the hardest to reach: Q & A with Jemberu Raya Soressa
  • Activity updates
  • Resources and opportunities