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Our case studies provide an in-depth examination of the solutions and innovations PATH and partners develop to address the world's most pressing health issues.

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  1. Thanks to PATH, Serum Institute of India, research partners in Africa and India, a longtime funder, and others, a more affordable pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) is now part of the toolkit for fighting pneumonia—the world’s #1 infectious child killer—and other pneumococcal diseases.
  2. According to Family Planning 2030, just 30 percent of women in Uganda use modern contraception. Accessing limited and hard-to-reach family planning services makes it challenging for women to space births and avoid unintended pregnancies.
  3. Digital health tools can optimize and strengthen national health systems. But to be sustainable and effective, must be designed and implemented in partnership with users. Learn how a new supervision system, developed using human-centered design principles, is contributing to a culture of care
  4. Millions of people living with diabetes cannot obtain or afford the necessary supplies to self-manage their diabetes on a day-to-day basis. By putting PLWD at the center of the co-creation process, PATH developed a solution that was accessible, usable, feasible, and valuable to everyone.