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Our case studies provide an in-depth examination of the solutions and innovations PATH and partners develop to address the world's most pressing health issues.

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  1. Evaluations can uncover why and how health programs work. By identifying the factors that contribute to success, we can adapt our approach, improve our work, and increase our potential impact.
  2. More than 45 percent of child deaths are attributed to malnutrition. To accelerate global nutrition progress, PATH helps governments establish dedicated funding for multisectoral nutrition plans.
  3. How PATH and Vietnam’s Ministry of Health (MOH) are working together to assess and address gaps in medical oxygen access and respiratory care during COVID-19.
  4. During the COVID-19 pandemic, increased oxygen demand pushed Malawi’s medical oxygen systems beyond capacity. PATH partnered with the Malawi Ministry of Health and UNICEF to increase long-term access to this lifesaving resource.