Pandemics require urgent short-term emergency response coupled with longer-term health system strengthening. PATH does both. We are supporting countries to rapidly improve oxygen supply, access to vaccines, disease surveillance, and supply chains. While making sure these systems are also prepared to respond to other threats, emergencies, and outbreaks.

COVID-19: PATH’S response in detail

This downloadable PDF describes our relevant capabilities, including our work to help countries strengthen medical oxygen supply, and deploy testing, surveillance, mitigation strategies, and solutions to improve health systems.

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38 Articles

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New York Times | May 12th, 2021
How to Help India Amid the Covid Crisis
India's coronavirus crisis is the worst since the pandemic began, and it will probably worsen before it gets better. Here are a few ways to help.

New York Times | May 4th, 2021

Why Some Hospitals Lack the Oxygen to Keep Patients Alive
A devastating second wave of coronavirus in India has seen hospitals and crematoriums overwhelmed and widespread shortages of oxygen and medicines.

BBC | April 29th, 2021

Covid-19 in India: Cases, deaths and oxygen supply
The global need for oxygen has spiked far beyond the available supply at hospitals, especially in India — another example of how unprepared the world was to face the Covid-19 pandemic.

New York Times | April 13th, 2021

What the Coronavirus Variants Mean for Testing
Most tests should be able to detect the variants of concern, but test developers and health officials must remain vigilant, scientists say.

Wall Street Journal | March 3, 2021

A Covid-19 Vaccine Without a Needle? These Firms Are On the Case
With possibility of annual shots, future pandemics spark hunt for a better solution.

BBC | January 30, 2021

Coronavirus: What's behind Latin America's oxygen shortages?
The Covid-19 Oxygen Needs tracker is an online tool that helps estimate the scale of the challenge for policymakers.