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Inside PATH’s product development shop

April 12, 2016 by Tom Furtwangler

Visit our workshop where ideas that might seem far off are turned into reality.

In order to design an effective and sustainable solution, a wide range of factors are considered. Here a shop technician works on the design for a neonatal respiratory device. Photo: PATH/Tom Furtwangler.

In order to design an effective and sustainable solution, a wide range of factors are considered. Photo: PATH/Tom Furtwangler.

“If you need something made, there’s not much we can’t do,” says Mike Eisenstein, manager of PATH’s state-of-the-art product development shop, which is located in our Seattle headquarters.

When you step into the shop, you'll find it buzzing with activity. The space features a broad range of equipment and capacities, as well as staff with expertise across disciplines ranging from computer-assisted design to fabrication to user testing to market dynamics.

Beyond the usual measuring, testing, adjusting, and prototyping tools found in most workshops, though, the shop also includes environmental chambers for testing the effects of heat and humidity, a wet room for work on water and sanitation projects, two 3-D printers, and more.

In collaboration with numerous partners, we design, adapt, and develop technologies—not just stopgaps but lasting, user-centered solutions—that are appropriate and affordable for resource-limited settings, particularly in Africa and Asia.

Recent products developed, improved, or assessed in the shop include:

As it says in the video above, "We take ideas that might seem far off, or even far-out, and test them for applications in global health.” The collective impact of those efforts? Hundreds of millions of lives touched.

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