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PATH’s Living Labs Initiative accelerates the pace of health innovation to ensure that all communities have the solutions they need to live healthy lives. We do this by co-creating with users to rapidly design, test, and scale solutions to their long-standing challenges.

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What we do

Our human-centered design (HCD) work prioritizes listening and empowering users. Led by users and in-country experts who understand the local health care system, we conduct rapid ideation, prototyping ,and iterative testing to achieve sustainable solutions that increase health system capacity and resilience.

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Our offices

Where we work

We are expanding our global footprint to address diverse and growing health challenges. We operate in Kenya and Zambia as our core countries with recent expansion to Democratic Republic of the Congo and Vietnam. We also work in six countries with alternate working models including India, Mali, Mozambique, Senegal, Tanzania, and Uganda.

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Examples of our work

Our projects

Living Labs continues to grow its portfolio and fosters PATH's ability to accelerate innovation by altering the lab-to-market model and creating an exchange. Our projects span 11 health areas including:
• Immunization
• Maternal heath
• Diabetes management
• HIV prevention
• Medical devices and diagnostic tools
• Child health
• Digital health
• Neonatal nutrition

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Meet the Living Labs team

  1. Chris Obong’o

    Lead Product Manager, Living Labs Kenya

  2. Dr. Joseph Kayaya

    Lead Product Manager, Living Labs Zambia

  3. Salva Mulongo

    Deputy Director, MRITE, DRC Country Program

  4. Maguette Ndong

    Technical Advisor, Living Labs Senegal

  5. Brian Taliesin

    Global Director, Living Labs, Center of Digital and Data Excellence

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