Living Labs Projects

Related program: Medical devices and health technologies

Living Lab's portfolio includes a range of health areas including immunization, diabetes management, medical devices and diagnostics, maternal health, neonatal nutrition, and child health.

Our multidisciplinary team engages more than 1,000 users to co-design solutions that are more acceptable and feasible for their intended contexts, with lower risk and overall investment costs. Living Labs curates diverse and deep qualitative insights, paired with quantitative data, spanning borders and health challenges to bring new solutions into emerging markets with speed and agility. We are a trusted partner to governments, health facilities, and communities and have a standing master protocol approval in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, and Zambia, enabling rapid project startup and execution.

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“The Living Labs are great to partner with because their work is flowing into what we do in the government: identify problems with the staff at the health facilities, and co-create solutions with them.”
— Dr. Jelita Chinyonga, Director, Performance Improvement, MOH, Zambia