A Guide for Conducting Monitoring and Evaluation

Related program: Integrated Maternal and Child Health and Development

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The purpose of this monitoring and evaluation (M&E) guide is to provide advice for developing rigorous systems to generate evidence through implementation science on the operations and impact of an integrated human milk bank (HMB) program. These resources will be useful for new HMBs as well as existing HMBs seeking to strengthen systems.

The goal of establishing M&E programs is ultimately as a gauge for optimizing performance and achieving results. It is an ongoing process, meant to continually provide feedback for current and future management of outputs, outcomes, and impact. Implementation science is conducted to address bottlenecks, test interventions, and evaluate actual impact of programs to inform practice.

Through developing such systems for HMB programs, operational quality and safety will improve and evidence will be generated to document the impact on feeding practices and health outcomes. This guide is intended for HMB stakeholders and those in the newborn and nutrition research community to continually advance the rigor and comprehensive approach needed for newborn nutrition.

This guide does not replace the need to develop plans, protocols, and data collection tools specific to local settings. These are examples provided to facilitate the process and inform a global M&E standard for HMBs around the world.

Appendices download includes:

Baseline Endline Assessment Data Collection Tool Examples

Formative Assessment Data Collection Tool Examples