A Workshop for Developing a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points Plan - Trainer Guide

Related program: Integrated Maternal and Child Health and Development

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Hazard analysis critical control points (HACCP) planning is a critical step in ensuring the safety and quality of any food product, including donated and processed human milk. HACCP planning is useful and is possible for any human milk bank (HMB) program, regardless of size, resources, or location.

This trainer’s guide was developed to help facilitators guide HACCP workshops for staff and stakeholders in HMBs. It was designed to be used with a trainees’ workbook created for participants. To optimally benefit from this workshop, we recommend that participants have prior experience in human milk banking and knowledge of standard operating procedures in HMBs.

To help participants create personalized HACCP plans, print key components of available guidelines before the start of this workshop and distribute to the class.

This trainer’s guide WILL:

  • Guide HACCP workshops at new and existing HMBs.
  • Help trainers and participants work together to create HACCP plans that are specific to their sites and that address local needs.

This trainer’s guide WILL NOT:

  • Provide global guidance in employing a HACCP plan. Because local needs and resources vary, each HACCP plan developed with the help of this guide will be different.