Newborn Nutrition - Resources Page

Related program: Integrated Maternal and Child Health and Development

  1. A Resource Toolkit for Establishing and Integrating Human Milk Banks

    A set of 11 core documents and accompanying materials to guide critical steps for establishing human milk banks.

  2. Stories of Change Towards Ensuring Exclusive Human Milk Feeding

    A booklet highlighting the experiences of breastfeeding mothers in Comprehensive Lactation Management Centers in India.

  3. Call to Action: Lactation for SSN

    Ensuring the special lactation needs of small and sick newborns

  4. Helping Babies Thrive

    Establishing the first human milk bank system in Kenya

  5. The Lancet Global Health - Commentary

    Call to action for equitable access to human milk for vulnerable infants

  6. Policy Brief - Ensuring Equitable Access to Human Milk for All Infants

    Current global policies that support the provision of human milk, including donor human milk.

  7. Establishing an integrated human milk banking approach

    Best practices from human milk banks to provide a foundation for integrated newborn care.

  8. Saving Infant Lives with Human Milk

    Overview of human milk banking in a global context.

  9. Helping Every Baby Receive Human Milk: India

    Collaboration between PATH and local leaders in India to scale up integrated human milk banking systems

  10. Mother-Baby Friendly Initiative Plus: A Model for Human Milk Banking

    PATH supports Kenyan partners to adapt our existing human milk banking model.

  11. Establishing the First Human Milk Bank in Vietnam

    Summary of the establishment of the first human milk bank in Da Nang City, Viet Nam.

  12. Thiết Lập Ngân Hàng Sữa Mẹ Đầu Tiên Tại Việt Nam

    Summary of the establishment of the first human milk bank in Da Nang City, Viet Nam (Vietnamese version).

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