About PATH Integrated Maternal and Child Health and Development

Our Maternal, Newborn, Child Health & Nutrition (MNCHN) program focuses on crucial supports to enable populations to both survive and thrive. Our work spans the value chain from discovery to delivery, and we use science and evidence to drive our approach and efforts to achieve impact.

The program provides core technical support and expertise to enable communities to survive and thrive by focusing on three broad, intersecting areas of work:

  • Strengthening maternal and newborn care;
  • Expanding nutrition policies, programs, and innovation; and
  • Integrating early childhood development into the broader MNCHN environment.

Across each of these three program portfolios and in a range of countries around the world, the MNCHN Program seeks to expand the generation and use of evidence, document and apply lessons learned regarding implementation, and actively collaborate with local, national, and international partners to extend reach and strengthen quality of care.