Webinar: What's next with malaria vaccines?

Related program: Malaria

The first malaria vaccine to be recommended and prequalified by WHO is moving into broader implementation, while a leading malaria vaccine candidate is in Phase 3 evaluation. Other immunization approaches, including monoclonal antibodies and mRNA vaccines, are in development. This webinar explored key challenges to vaccine development and access—financial, scientific, and delivery—with perspectives offered by experts in their respective fields. The webinar was moderated by John Bawa, Africa Team Lead, Vaccine Implementation at PATH, and featured the following speakers:

▪ Ashley Birkett, PhD, Global Head of Malaria Vaccines and Biologics, PATH
▪ Hema Srinivasan, Chief Access Officer, MedAccess
▪ Jane Grant, MSc, Research Assistant, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Watch the recording below and keep an eye out for upcoming webinars here.