New Nets Project

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The New Nets Project managed the rapid scale-up and widespread deployment of dual-active ingredient (AI) insecticide-treated nets (ITNs) to partner countries, making this novel technology designed to overcome insecticide resistance widely available to national malaria control programs (NMCPs) across Africa.

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Members of the New Nets Project Durability Monitoring team evaluate the wear and tear of normal household use on some of the newer bed net types in Mandimba, Mozambique. Photo: PATH/Binete Savaio.

Project at a glance

Project duration: 2018-2023

Project funders: Unitaid and The Global Fund

Prime: IVCC

The PATH-led components of the New Nets Project were active in Burkina Faso, Mozambique, Nigeria, and Rwanda

Project results

PATH partnered with local researchers and NMCPs to help lead and coordinate pilot studies evaluating the improved efficacy and incremental cost-effectiveness of these next-generation ITNs in real-world settings.

Results from the pilot studies were included in the package of evidence used to develop the new WHO policy recommendations for use of new ITN types in areas of documented insecticide resistance, and are helping guide NMCP strategies and sub-national tailoring approaches.

Technical Areas of Expertise

Vector control

Market access to existing & new tools

Research & evaluation

Surveillance & digital platforms

Routine data collection & reporting, data quality assessments, data use training & integration

Data-driven analytics & mathematical modelling

Meet the team

  1. Joe Wagman

    Project Director, New Nets

  2. Morgan Heston

    Project Administrator

  3. Binete Savaio

    Mozambique Coordinator

  4. Julia Mwesigwa

    Senior Research Officer

  5. Christelle Gogue

    Senior Evaluation Officer

  6. Peder Digre

    Program Officer

  7. Kyra Arnett

    Program Associate

  8. Vaidehi Chudgar

    Program Assistant

  9. Kenzie Tynuv

    Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

  10. Jenny Shannon

    Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning Officer

Our partners

We collaborated closely with global and local partners.