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Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Creating a collaborative workplace that challenges the status quo, embraces new ideas, and values different perspectives.


PATH staff by the numbers
of all PATH staff are women
are millenials or Gen Z
are proud to work at PATH

Our Guiding Principles

PATH's DEI mission is to create a culture of curiosity, collaboration, and belonging at PATH and in our work. As we chart a path forward, how we implement this work will be just as important as what we do. Our five principles guide how we execute DEI work at PATH.

DEI Guiding Principles

Intentional: Our work will be thoughtful, nuanced, and carried out with purpose. This will enable us to be intentional about identifying and implementing programs and activities that can make real change for our employees, partners, and the communities we work with.

Simplified: DEI work is complex and multifaceted. It is not always easy and it often necessitates difficult conversations. For these reasons, it is beneficial to simplify and streamline as much as possible. If it’s difficult to identify the what and the why of a project or program, then it must be reimagined.

Unifying: PATH is made up of a beautifully diverse workforce of people from different countries, backgrounds, and cultures. We are different colors, different sexual orientations, and we speak different languages—but we’re all working toward the same goals. DEI workstreams should be complementary and effectively coordinated so that together, we achieve our shared goals.

Global: PATH is a global institution with staff working in more than 70 countries—our DEI work will reflect this reality. This means that workstream leaders should be diverse and representative. Our DEI work will center everybody’s issues, ideas, and voices.

Impactful and measurable: We will focus on tangible work that can create real, measurable impact, both internally and externally. DEI is an endeavor to make our work more representative, fair, and inclusive for our staff and the communities we serve. All our programs and activities must work toward this end.

Our DEI Pillars


DEI must touch every aspect of our institution, from who we are and where we are to how we operate our business and how we approach public health in communities around the world. Our three pillars ensure equity is at the heart of everything we do.

  1. People

    Diversifying at all levels by accelerating representation and development of diverse talent, cultivating inclusive leadership, and creating a culture of curiosity, collaboration, and belonging.

  2. Business practices

    Building equitable business practices in procurement, people, and communication functions by inclusive policies, eliminating structural bias, and communicating for impact, with transparency.

  3. Public health programming

    Designing our products and programs with, not just for, the communities we serve; embedding equity (including gender) in our public health programs and partnerships, and becoming a catalyst for change in the sector.

Reimagining Inclusion, PATH’s inaugural DEI annual report, takes a holistic look at PATH’s impact—from the communities we serve to our staff and the tools and resources at their disposal.

PATH's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Annual Report, 2022

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People Resource Groups

People Resource Groups (PRGs) at PATH are an amazing place where staff can find people who look like them, sound like them, and have similar experiences as them. PRGs offer a safe place to learn from each other, share unique experiences, and express your most authentic self. PATH’s PRGs play important part in creating a culture of curiosity, collaboration, and belonging.

Able at PATH

Able at PATH connects employees living with and supporting those with physical, mental, and emotional disabilities. Able at PATH raises awareness, builds community, and advocates for disability inclusion at PATH and in our work.

Black at PATH

Black at PATH is a community for Black employees and allies that promotes Black representation, culture, and inclusion for all employees at PATH.

Pride at PATH

Pride at PATH celebrates, empowers, and amplifies the LGBTQIA+ community by promoting LGBTQIA+ inclusion, allyship, and diversity at PATH.

Women at PATH

Women at PATH is a community for women and allies that provides a safe space to connect, empower and support the advancement of women and allies.

Asian+ at PATH

Asian+ at PATH creates community, promotes allyship, and brings together the lived experiences, diverse culture, and representation of the Asian diaspora. The "+" indicates our evolving group to extend support to employees of Pacific Islander heritage.

Latinx at PATH

Latinx at PATH is a community for employees of Latin American heritage that advances, celebrates, and promotes the rich culture of Latin Americans at PATH.

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