Digital Health Ecosystem

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The Digital Health Ecosystem project focuses on sustainability and expansion of digital tools for community health by changing how they are built, deployed, and scaled.

For half of the world’s population, the nearest doctor or nurse can be hours, or even days away. Health system strengthening and system reform are needed at unprecedented scale to ensure people can access the care they need. Investments in digital transformation can catalyze and advance the pace of these reforms.

For the Digital Health Ecosystem (DHE) project, funded by Bayer Foundation, PATH is fostering a global network of independent teams collectively building on a common open-source platform, Medic’s Community Health Toolkit (CHT). By doing so, developers will have a proven, economically viable, digital foundation for their applications. More importantly, health care workers will have the tools to improve the quality, speed, and access of equitable care to their communities.

Digital Health Ecosystem

Our Focus

To advance low- and middle-income country-based digital health developers’ use of the CHT at a rate that can meet the demand for digital tools, this project will:

Establish an enabling environment for local ownership through a dedicated fund launched to support new developers and users via market entry and tailored skill building.

Strengthen the CHT to bolster performance at scale and improve the onboarding and capacity building experience for technical implementers.

Develop and test an expansion and sustainability framework to inspire new thinking around business models tha sustain public goods.

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Meet the Digital Health Ecosystem Team

  1. Leah Ekbladh

    Director of Strategy, Center of Digital and Data Excellence

  2. Parnika Shrivastava

    Senior Program Officer, Center of Digital and Data Excellence

  3. Caitlin Bowman

    Program Associate, Center of Digital and Data Excellence

  4. Tara Newton

    Senior Communications Officer, Center of Digital and Data Excellence

  5. Tara Herrick

    Senior Market Dynamics Officer

  6. Peder Digre

    Program Officer

  7. Maya Rivera Hildebrand

    Senior Program Associate, Center of Digital and Data Excellence

  8. Debbie Naguwa

    Senior Program Administrator, Center of Digital and Data Excellence

  9. Kelly Fallt

    Senior Project Manager, Center of Digital and Data Excellence