CDC Technical Assistance Platform

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The Technical Assistance Platform project is dedicated to strengthening and integrating health information ecosystems by leveraging peer-reviewed health informatics tools, guidance, and expertise, to facilitate the development and strengthening of new or existing digital health infrastructure and policy.

What we do

The global health community has made substantial progress toward UNAIDS’ 95-95-95 HIV targets, aided by improved access to information for decision-making through PEPFAR investments in interoperable digital health information systems (HIS).

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Technical Assistance Platform (TAP), therefore, supports the development, implementation, use, and evaluation of interoperable health information systems to assist public health organizations in PEPFAR–supported countries in becoming more proficient in informatics. This aims to achieve HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis epidemic control through the improved health informatics policy.

CDC TAP fosters coordination and empowerment across countries to strengthen a sustainable and integrated health informatics ecosystem by providing responsive and targeted technical assistance.

Additionally, it contributes its expertise on overall health information systems, strengthening the CDC’s Global Informatics Collaborative TAP.

Countries are eager to continue improving the public health response by building HIS knowledge and skills, as well as strategy, policy, and governance to guide their capacity.

How we do it

The Technical Assistance Platform (TAP) is a mechanism funded by the United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), through the CDC. The CDC TAP mechanism is a collaboration amongst three lead implementing partners (IPs)—Jembi Health Systems, PATH, and the University of California at San Francisco.

Each lead IP brings to the mechanism a consortium of partners with varied health informatics development and implementation expertise. CDC TAP works with countries to improve health outcomes by maximizing access to and optimizing the use of data.

Where we work

TAP is working in 13+ countries—Botswana, Cote d’Ivoire, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda, Vietnam, and Zambia.

Meet the CDC TAP team

TAP and global activities

  1. Samuel Wambugu

    Project Director, Center of Digital and Data Excellence

  2. Brianna Musselman

    Program Manager, Health Information Systems for HIV

  3. Kendi Mburu

    Project Manager, TAP

  4. Anzel Schonfeldt

    Director – Digital Square, South Africa

  5. Agbons Oaiya

    Nigeria Country Coordinator, TAP

  6. Venant Cikobe

    In-Country Coordinator (ICC) Center of Digital and Data Excellence

  7. Clarisa Brown

    Senior Program Assistant, TAP

TAP and the Vietnam buy-in

  1. Do Khac Nguyen

    HIS Manager, TAP

  2. Dat Pham Thanh

    HIS Advisor, TAP

  3. Cuong Tuan Nguyen

    Data Interoperability Engineer

  4. Vinh Thi Nguyen

    Project Manager, TAP

  5. Huy Quoc Ngo

    HIS Specialist, TAP

  6. Ly Duowng Khanh

    Program Associate, TAP

  7. Anh Pham

    Senior Program AssistanT, TAP

  8. Tran Dieu Huyen

    Project AccountanT, TAP

CoDE and TAP

  1. Ellen Garrett

    Director of Finance and Administration, Center of Digital and Data Excellence

  2. Caitlin Bowman

    Program Associate, Center of Digital and Data Excellence

  3. Katie Thompson

    Program Officer

  4. Victor Maganga

    Senior Project Administrator

  5. Philippe Veltsos

    Technical Director, Center of Digital and Data Excellence

  6. Jose Costa Teixeira

    HIS Global Standards and Interoperability Advisor

  7. Luke Duncan

    Technical Advisor

  8. Nino Hares

    Technical Security Architect

  9. Jenny Thompson

    Technical Advisor

  10. Richard Stanley

    Senior Technical Advisor

  11. Vivian Korir

    Program Manager, Capacity Strengthening • Center of Digital and Data Excellence

  12. Nelly Moleka

    Director of Programs

  13. Jeanne-Marie Mundela

    Senior Project Administrator

  14. Fatou Fall

    Regional Director of Digital Health, Center of Digital and Data Excellence

  15. Daisy Karume

    Senior Program Officer, DRC Country Program

  16. Dr. Le Thi Thu Hien

    Director, Primary Health Care Program

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