Strengthening the security of local diagnostic supply chains

Related program: Diagnostics

Improving the availability and accessibility of high-quality diagnostics through market interventions and investments in local manufacturing.

PATH Diagnostics collaborates with partners and stakeholders to secure a continuous, reliable long-term supply of critical, high-quality diagnostic products in low- and middle-income countries and work toward ensuring their sustainability.

Capacity-building for local manufacturing

We support high-quality manufacturing and greater capacity by identifying local manufacturers, catalyzing investments for capacity-building, facilitating tech transfers, conducting audits to evaluate the quality of systems, and providing technical assistance in regulation, manufacturing, and commercialization. Learn more.

Portfolio management

We objectively and impartially partner with a portfolio of manufacturers to achieve supply security for diagnostics.

Global access commitments

We collaborate with manufacturers to determine an impactful and sustainable global access strategy, which includes but is not limited to affordable pricing, regulatory filings and registrations, volume commitments, and open sourcing of data to help increase access globally.

Innovative financing

We partner with global stakeholders to identify and implement appropriate interventions to improve the supply security of diagnostics in low- and middle-income countries, including advanced market commitments and volume guarantees.