Strengthening local demand for diagnostics

Related program: Diagnostics

Supporting country readiness in defining and meeting diagnostic needs while also improving the absorptive capacity for health systems to introduce and deploy diagnostics.

PATH Diagnostics assesses market needs to ensure the viability and sustainability of quality diagnostics. This is done through user and market needs assessments, product specifications, market-sizing research, and landscape analysis, which helps to inform investment decisions. We also help partners and stakeholders to define, identify, and determine optimal product and commercialization strategies for increased probability of market entry, adoption, and continued success in low- and middle-income markets.

Needs assessment and Target Product Profile development

We help to assess the diagnostic needs of countries and communities through gap analysis, landscaping of country health priorities, and understanding of user and provider pain points. Identified needs are translated into product specifications to guide investment, research, and development efforts.

Market sizing and landscaping

We support stakeholders and manufacturers with market-sizing data to inform critical decision-making. This includes landscaping to identify and assess existing market players and mechanisms for procurement.

New market introduction strategies

We support the development of successful commercialization strategies by collaborating with partners to develop strategies to ensure continued product availability, viability, and access.

Value proposition identification

We collaborate with developers to develop, identify, and clarify the value proposition for each diagnostic in terms of public health impact and sustainability.