Diagnostic companies across Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia

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An estimated 47 percent of the global population has little to no access to diagnostics[1]. PATH works closely with partners around the globe to close that gap by supporting equitable access to and availability of high-quality diagnostics. Diagnostic companies that are local to target markets are uniquely positioned to strengthen that access and may be more likely to offer products that suit their market’s needs, such as diagnostics for endemic diseases. Local manufacturing of diagnostics, specifically, could strengthen supply security to critical medical technologies in underserved regions and improve the chain of care offered to individuals and communities.

The resource below aggregates and streamlines publicly available information on diagnostic companies with manufacturing presence based in Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia to increase visibility and boost awareness of their presence within each region, as well as provide an overview of their product portfolios and quality systems.

Click here to download a report identifying the key market failures and market-shaping interventions needed to expand access to quality diagnostics in low and middle-income countries.

An overview of diagnostic companies in low- and middle-income countries
Developed in partnership with Accenture, this interactive dashboard provides data on diagnostic companies with manufacturing presence based in Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. Powered by Tableau.

Using the dashboard:

  • Click here for best view on mobile
  • Use the provided filter across the top of the dashboard to select regions or characteristics of interest and sort provided data accordingly.
  • The “# of Diagnostic Companies with Local Manufacturing” graphically depicts the number of diagnostic companies that have a manufacturing presence within the region in each country. Hover over each country to see the specific list of companies.
  • “Product Type” graphically depicts the breakdown of these regional manufacturers’ product portfolios with respect to the type of diagnostic technology produced.
  • “Product segmentation” provides a snapshot overview of the types of diagnostic technologies produce.
  • “Quality Standards” notes the number of regional manufacturers with any given quality certification, many of which are necessary for regulatory approval and commercialization. The number of regional manufacturers that have no reported quality standards are noted as well.
  • “Disease Areas” offers a breakdown of these companies’ product disease focus.
  • “Local Manufacturers Information” provides the company name, HQ country, and website of each company identified in the selected region. Hover over the blue field on each row to see additional information about the specific company.

Assumptions: All data represents publicly available information collected via secondary research, minimally supplemented by a PATH-run request for information disseminated in December 2021 and January 2022.

Please contact dxinfo@path.org to provide data for inclusion in the dashboard or to report missing or inaccurate data.

[1] Fleming KA, Horton S, Wilson M, et al. The Lancet Commission on diagnostics: transforming access to diagnostics. The Lancet. October 6, 2021;398(10315):1997–2050. https://doi.org/10.1016/S0140-6736(21)00673-5.