Advancing connected diagnostic systems

Related program: Diagnostics

We support improved diagnostic data infrastructure and usage to inform decision-making, patient care and usability, and surveillance and reporting using connected diagnostics within the broader digital health ecosystem.

PATH Diagnostics collaborates with ministries of health, technology companies, manufacturers, and implementation partners to develop and scale fit-for-purpose digital solutions that address users’ pain points and can be integrated into existing workflows. This includes:

  • Defining high-impact use cases for digital tools to support screening, triage, diagnosis, and reporting.
  • Supporting the development of tools and standards to support interoperability with critical information systems and compliance with data management and security best practices.
  • Creating a globally accessible, scalable, and secure diagnostic image repository to support and accelerate the development and validation of digital health technologies for low-resource settings.
  • Supporting the development and implementation of interoperable connected diagnostic systems.


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