David Boyle

David Boyle, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer & Program Co-Lead, Diagnostics

David Boyle, PhD, co-leads PATH’s Diagnostics Program, which focuses on developing and advancing high-impact, affordable, and easy-to-use diagnostic tools and technologies suitable for use in low resource settings. As Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Boyle oversees the diagnostic health portfolio and a wide variety of diagnostic products. He will lead ongoing collaborations and new engagements with external partners and donors.

Dr. Boyle has over 20 years of experience in leading the development and implementation of diagnostic assays for public health applications and provides scientific leadership and oversight for all diagnostic product development at PATH.

Prior to joining PATH in 2008, Dr. Boyle was the molecular epidemiologist for the Washington State Public Health Laboratories, with oversight of the molecular diagnostics, chlamydia/gonorrhea, and virology/serology laboratories and the bioterrorism response unit and BioWatch program.

Recognized as an international expert in tuberculosis, nucleic acid amplification and population surveillance technologies, Dr. Boyle also serves as a subject matter expert on a variety of cross programmatic initiatives at PATH.

Dr. Boyle earned his Ph. D in Bacterial Genetics from The University of Edinburgh and a B.Sc. with honors from Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh.