1. Over the past three decades PATH has witnessed dramatic changes in attitudes about cervical cancer control.
    Published: July 2018
    Type: Article
  2. The Prospective Country Evaluation (PCE) is an independent evaluation of the Global Fund commissioned by the Global Fund's Technical Evaluation Reference Group (TERG). The PCE is designed to evaluate how Global Fund policies and process play out in country in real time and provide high quality, actionable, timely information to national program implementers and Global Fund policymakers. The PCE is implemented by the Centro de Investigación Epidemiologica en Salud Sexual y Reproductiva (CIESAR) in collaboration with IHME and PATH. This report describes the PCE establishment in Guatemala , progress to-date, and highlights early findings with a focus on the funding request and grant-making stages.
    Published: June 2018
    Type: Resource Page
  3. We're increasing the use of new technologies for cervical cancer screening and treatment in Central America.
    Published: March 2018
    Type: Article
  4. Allowing women to collect their own samples for the HPV test makes screening for cervical cancer accessible almost anywhere. For women in low-resource settings this prospect is not only a relief; it’s a potential lifesaver.
    Published: December 2015
    Type: Article