Partnering for health equity since 2005.

For more than 15 years, we’ve used innovation, data, and collaboration to improve health with and for Zambians. Alongside the government, health workers, and communities, we take on challenges ranging from malnutrition and low immunization rates to malaria.

A trusted government partner

PATH is proud of our longstanding collaboration with Zambia’s Ministry of Health. We are well positioned to provide expertise to the government on a range of health issues, and our experience and reputation means we always have a seat at the table. This enables us to aggressively pursue health equity through innovation and to forge the relationships that strengthen service delivery, health information, and health outcomes for all Zambians.

Reducing the malaria burden

PATH shares the country’s zambition to end malaria. Through our portfolio of work, we join with the national malaria program to test new approaches, strengthen the flow of malaria data, and leverage new partners to scale what works. We capture mosquitoes, map where to target indoor spraying, train health workers to interact with useful data, and track and kill the malaria parasite.

Selected partners and funders:

Our partners

  • Zambia Ministry of Health


  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

  • Fleming Fund

  • Hilton Foundation


  • CIFF

  • CHAI

  • GAVI

Our office

PATH Zambia is based in Lusaka.

Our address:

Mikwala House
Stand 11059, off Brentwood Lane
Lusaka, Zambia

Phone: 260.211.378.950
Fax: 260. 211.378.973

Meet our team

  1. Dr. Earnest Muyunda

    Country Director

  2. Dr. Leonard Mwansa

    Country Operations Director

  3. Dr. Joseph Kayaya

    Lead Product Manager, Living Labs Zambia

  4. Dr. Daniel Bridges

    Scientist, Laboratory Director, MACEPA

  5. Victoria Musonda

    Chief of Party, Eradicate TB

  6. Dr. Caroline Phiri-Chibawe

    Chief of Party, Program for the Advancement of Malaria Outcomes (PAMO)

  7. Dr. Chilunga Puta

    Director, BID Learning Network (BID)

  8. Mr. Fred Njovu

    Implementation Manager, EPI Optimization Activity

  9. Mr. Lassane Kambore

    Senior Program Officer, Center for Vaccine Innovation and Access

  10. Mrs. Monica Mutesa

    Country Coordinator, DMPA-SC Access collaborative project

  11. Mr. Benjamin Solochi

    Surveillance and Antimicrobial Resistance Specialist, Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Project

  12. Dr. John Miller

    MACEPA Zambia Team Leader