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The switch from ROTARIX to ROTAVAC in Ghana: Answers to four key questions

In 2020, Ghana switched from using ROTARIX® to ROTAVAC® in its national immunization program. PATH worked with Ghana Health Service and the University of Ghana to analyze the economic implications of this switch. These four fact sheets explore the key results of these analyses, collectively providing a case study on Ghana’s rotavirus vaccine product switch.

(Manuscript pending submission to a peer-reviewed journal.)

Publication date: May 2022

Available materials

  1. English

    1. Why did Ghana switch to a different rotavirus vaccine? 111.6 KB PDF
    2. What did Ghana’s switch to ROTAVAC require? 271.7 KB PDF
    3. Was the switch from ROTARIX to ROTAVAC cost-saving for Ghana? 271.7 KB PDF
    4. Did Ghana’s switch to ROTAVAC free cold chain capacity? 109.6 KB PDF
  2. French

    1. Pourquoi le Ghana a-t-il opté pour un autre vaccin antirotavirus ? 114.4 KB PDF
    2. Qu'impliquait le passage du Ghana au ROTAVAC ? 278.7 KB PDF
    3. Le passage du ROTARIX au ROTAVAC a-t-il permis de réaliser des économies de coûts au Ghana ? 130.6 KB PDF
    4. Le passage du Ghana au ROTAVAC a-t-il permis de libérer de l'espace de stockage dans la chaîne du froid ? 109.6 KB PDF