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Sanitation Technology Filtering Tools

The goal of the Sanitation Service Delivery (SSD) project is to improve urban sanitation outcomes through developing scalable, market-based models that contribute to structural change within the region’s sanitation sector with an initial focus on cities in Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, and Ghana. The Sanitation Technology Filtering Tools help users identify appropriate sanitation technologies for their specific use case; the tools and workshop materials can be found below.

Publication date: November 2017

Available materials

    1. Sanitation Technology Filtering Tool - XLSM

      Hard copies are not available.

    2. Sanitation Technology Profile - XLSM

      Hard copies are not available.

    3. Sanitation Technology Tool Instructions - PDF

      Hard copies are not available.

    4. Sanitation Technology Filtering Tool Workshop Tools - ZIP

      Hard copies are not available.