Pushing the Boundaries on the Menstrual Health Management Dialogue

The series covers the three menstrual health themes—normalizing taboos, menstrual hygiene products (access, affordability, and appropriateness), and disposal systems and access to infrastructure in the Indian context.

Publication date: May 2017

Available materials

    1. Menstrual Hygiene Products in India: the Evolving Landscape 233.7 KB PDF
    2. Normalising Menstruation 365.2 KB PDF
    3. Management of Menstrual Waste 450.8 KB PDF
    4. Calls to Action for Menstrual Hygiene Management 79.7 KB PDF
    5. Menstrual Hygiene Product Information [attributes chart] 346.6 KB PDF
    6. Menstrual Health Management Value Chain [infographic] 942.3 KB PDF