Practical Selection of Neonatal Resuscitators: Southern African Development Community

PATH conducted a market study in 2008 to identify neonatal resuscitators available in the Southern African Development Community region. These resuscitators are included in this region-specific version of Practical Selection of Neonatal Resuscitators. All resuscitators identified were bag-and-mask designs. Also included are two devices that offer a tube-and-mask design. This guide presents the criteria used during the device evaluation, evaluation results for each device, and suggestions for choosing a resuscitator. The guide is available in two formats: one for booklet-style printing and one for onscreen viewing.

Publication date: June 2010

Available materials

    1. Practical Selection of Neonatal Resuscitators [for printing] 287.1 KB PDF
      Instructions for the print version: (1) Print the file double-sided. (2) Fold the pages together lengthwise. (3) Staple along the fold to create a booklet.
    2. Practical Selection of Neonatal Resuscitators [for onscreen viewing] 791.4 KB PDF