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IDEAL-Vietnam project case studies

The goal of the Introducing Digital Immunization information systems:
Exchange and Learning from Vietnam (IDEAL-Vietnam) project is to explore and disseminate evidence and lessons learned from Vietnam’s National Immunization Information System (NIIS) to support successful implementation of EIRs in other countries.

This project will serve as a comprehensive guide, consolidating a series of case studies and reports into a working library of resources to inform, influence and accelerate the successful implementation of similar work on a global scale.

These case studies, other materials related to the project, and future case studies and reports can also be found on the IDEAL-Vietnam project homepage on

Publication date: October 2019

Available materials

  1. English

    1. Case study 1: Mobile Network Operator Partnerships in Action for Health: A Vietnam case study on mobile network operator and Ministry of Health engagement for electronic immunization registry application 3.4 MB PDF
    2. Case study 2: Vietnam’s Scale-up from a district-level pilot to the a National-scale electronic immunization registry (EIR) 1.5 MB PDF
    3. Case study 3: The Design, Development, and Deployment of an Electronic Immunization Registry in Vietnam: Reflections, guidance, and global similarities 2.9 MB PDF
    4. Case study 4: Engaging private-sector providers in immunization data management and use 1.7 MB PDF
    5. Case study 5: Overcoming the Challenges and Adoption for New Users in Electronic Immunization Registry Implementation: A Case Study from Vietnam 6.6 MB PDF
    6. Case study 6: Electronic Immunization Registry in Workload Reduction and Efficiency Enhancement for Immunization Program in Vietnam 11 MB PDF
    7. Case study 7: Virtual supportive supervision: An innovative approach for strengthening electronic immunization registry system implementation in Vietnam during the COVID-19 crisis 9.5 MB PDF
  2. Vietnamese

    1. Hợp tác với nhà khai thác mạng di động trong y tế: Nghiên cứu tình huống ở Việt Nam về hợp tác với nhà mạng viễn thông và y tế trong Hệ thống quản lý thông tin tiêm chủng 2.7 MB PDF