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Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Cost Calculator

This is a simple, Excel-based tool for assessing and comparing costs of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination programs annually and for a period of 10 years with HPV vaccine products available in the global market. It aims to help country-level policymakers compare products and estimate vaccination program costs for different HPV vaccines, exploring multiple vaccine options at a time. The tool can be used by decision-makers, implementers, technical partners, and others in any country, whether or not the country is eligible for co-funding from Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. Estimates of vaccine cost (i.e., vaccine and supplies procurement and international shipping) and vaccination program costs (i.e., vaccine cost and cost of delivery) are calculated separately, based on user inputs, for two perspectives: (1) the country perspective and (2) the combined country and Gavi perspective (only relevant for Gavi-eligible countries). The tool also calculates the estimated vaccine dose and cold chain volume requirements, which can support operational planning and logistics.

It is important to note that cost is only one consideration when selecting an HPV vaccine product, and users involved in decision-making around new vaccine introduction or product selection should always consider other dimensions as well. This model is meant to provide insights into the potential costs of alternative product choices and should not replace detailed budget planning once a product has been selected.

A user guide is included in the file on a tab labeled “READ ME FIRST” which provides detailed instructions on how to use the tool and interpret the results. The tool is available to download in multiple languages below. For questions or support, contact PATH's Health Economics & Outcomes Research team:

Publication date: March 2022

HPV Vaccine Cost Calculator

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